Just a Little Sin

In such a big world, just a little sin shouldn’t matter to God, should it?

Radical Obedience

What could we possibly learn about obedience from the old story of Jericho?


It’s sure easy to forget what happens in life. So how do we remember how God has worked in our life?

Talking to Yourself

Ever found you were talking to yourself? Did you know the Bible encourages this?

Looking Back; Moving Ahead

Times of leadership change are always difficult. What can we learn from the Bible regarding such times?

Resisting the Lion

All of us would protect our loved ones from a lion. Shouldn’t we also protect them from the devil?

Leading Like Jesus

We’ve all seen lots of leaders — both good and bad. But what does Godly Christian leadership look like?

Training for Eternity

Suffering: something that none of us want, but is crucial to help us become more like Christ.