Unhappy with Life

It’s so easy to become dissatisfied with life, isn’t it? But what does that say about our perspective of God?

Who is God?

It’s always fun to meet someone new and hear how they identify themselves. Ever wonder how God would identify Himself?

The Key to Spiritual Power

We’ve all wished for spiritual power – that kind that knows our prayers are heard and answered. But how do we reach that point?

God on Our Terms

Ever wanted to make God do what you wanted, instead of what He wanted?

#1-3 — Fear God

After all the thunder and lightning on Mount Sinai, you’d think people would be more than anxious to obey, wouldn’t you?

#9 – Truth (Ex 20:16)

Truth – such a simple word, and yet often so hard to find in our world today. Yet truth is something God greatly values.

#8 – No Stealing

Nobody likes a thief. Yet have you ever stopped to ask if you’re inadvertently stealing from God?

#7 – No Adultery

In a world that seems to have no sexual constraints, God sets forth a different path.